Wrap Up Your Advertising and Safety with Reflective Vehicle Graphics

In the “good ol days”, a company would have to hand paint lettering and graphics to their trucks and fleet, or apply individual die cut pre-spaced lettering. This can be a tedious process, and in some cases the graphics are permanent, making resale of the vehicle difficult or near impossible.

However, the development of vehicle wraps have made it easy for businesses to fully customize their vehicle advertising, using colorful and eye-catching graphics, and at the same time have the ability to change up the design at their leisure. Vehicle wraps and graphics can be one of the most cost-efficient methods of advertising available for your company. A well designed wrap that showcases the company’s strategy and highlights will indubitably make a positive mark in your customers mind, while reaching a wide range of clients within each day that a marked vehicle is on the road. Studies have shown that more than 90% of all drivers will take notice of a vehicle wrap – now that’s a large number of daily impressions that could be to your benefit!

In addition to being a powerful advertising tool, vehicle graphics can also be used as an impressive safety device. With the use of reflective vinyl on a wrap, the vehicle will become illuminated at night with the reflection of other’s drivers headlights as well as street lights. This type of wrap is most often associated with emergency vehicles, such as towing trucks, but can also be utilized in a marketing avenue to make the most out of a vehicle wrap design when used at night.

Example of Reflective Vinyl Striping
Example of Reflective Vinyl Striping


Example of Reflective Vinyl - Close Up
Example of Reflective Vinyl – Close Up


There are many types of vinyl that can be used with vehicle wraps – from matte and reflective finishes, to calendared and perforated options – contact Gen3Printing today and let us help you design the perfect wrap for your advertising and/or safety needs.

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