Driving More Traffic with Retractable Banner Stands

In today’s tough economy, every customer counts – especially new customers. Driving new business is an essential way to keep a company operating, and one of the most common and thrifty ways of directing new business is via pedestrian traffic.

Pedestrian traffic are the customers who are quickly passing by your business at any given time. It is easily to underestimate the importance of those quickly passing by your business or store, however one or two new customers can easily multiply into many with the help of word of mouth advertising. It has been shown that foot traffic can account for more than 50% of a store’s clientele. This is nothing to take lightly!

Quickly grabbing the attention of a pedestrian as they are passing by your store can be one of the simplest and most effective methods of advertising. A strategically placed, well-designed and colorful banner will attract the attention of a customer and coax them into your store for business. In addition to being easy to set up and install, banner stands are economical and are often times portable, so they can be used in multiple locations. An outdoor banner stand is engineered to be sturdy yet lightweight for easy portability. They are typically made from aluminum and/or fiberglass, and are perfect for outdoor use. But don’t let this limit your banner placement – these stands will also work beautifully indoors as well.

Gen3Printing offers a wide range of banner stands to suit all of your promotional advertising needs. From roll-up and retractable stands, to the popular X-, H-, & L-Frame style stands, we can competitively supply you with a stand to meet your goals; while the cost will pay for itself within no time!

Don’t lose another potential customer. Contact us today for more pricing and information!

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