Four Ways Working With a Local Printer Can Save You Money and Headaches

In today’s all-things-digital world, it can be very tempting to use the services of an online digital printer. They offer bare bones pricing and have jazzy websites. However, what may seem like an easy solution may come with more headaches than you’d expect. Online printers often times have hidden costs, extravagant shipping fees, there is very little quality control, and the quality of an order can vary heavily from one order to the next. For a print buyer, this can be frustrating and hurt your bottom line.

Let us not forget the days of local small business working hand-in-hand, to better their own cities and communities, together. It is important we utilize the businesses close to us, such as local print shops, as this can be the best way to guarantee a stellar final product.

Here are four ways local print shops beat out the digital services every time:

  1. With an out of town printer, there are no personal relationships. Here at Gen3Printing, we thrive on the opportunity to work closely with each and every one of our customers, to ensure their vision is met in reality. You won’t be simply an order number or user name – your order is babysat from its inception all the way through completion, packaging, delivery and follow up.
  2. Online printers can take up to six weeks to deliver! Need the order yesterday? Contacting a local printer means you will get your order delivered to you in a timely fashion.
  3. Online printers often times specialize in only one item – for example business cards printed on one type of stock. This one-size-fits-all theology may not suit every customer’s needs, and when working with a high-quality local print shop, such as Gen3Printing, you can expect a large variety of options, customized to fit every single one of your unique printing needs.
  4. When working with a local printer, you are helping to grow your own local economy. This is much more fulfilling than simply filling out an online form and waiting for the postman to arrive.

Gen3Printing is a locally owned, third-generation family business in Twinsburg, OH, and we go out of our way to grow and maintain quality relationships with our customers that can last years or even a lifetime. We treasure our clients like they were a part of the Gen3Printing family – because let’s face it, they are!

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Shannon Landis