3D Lenticular – The Next Dimension of Printing

The print industry is one that keeps growing and evolving with new technology, adapting to the world around us. Corporations and businesses looking to increase their bottom line and dramatically differentiate themselves from the crowd should really look into lenticular, or 3D printing. Over the past few years, lenticular printing has grown into a premium marketing tool that will enhance a company’s image and create impact for their campaigns.

Lenticular printing is a method of technology that uses a lens system that will allow a flat printed image to exude depth, motion, and/or the ability to change or morph before your eyes. The image is a “magical” optical illusion created form at least two flat images, and combining it with a lens, or plastic sheet covered in tiny rows of lines. The effect can be as simple as flip between two images, or have more frames to include morphing, zooming, and even animation.

Surface of a Lenticular Lens
Surface of a Lenticular Lens


Lenticular printing is most often utilized in large format printing projects, such as posters (specifically movie posters), outdoor advertising, and promotional programs. However, lenticular print is not simply limited to large format – customers also draw attention by utilizing lenticular printing in small format items, such as business cards, postcards, and presentation folders.

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