Dimensional Signage – “POP” Out From the Crowd!

Exterior and interior signage can be a major factor in drawing people into your business. Dimensional signage offered by Gen3Printing is an effective way to draw your customer’s eye and help them identify your property as well as business style. Two dimensional signage is often times painted or printed with shadows and light to mimic the effect of having depth and volume. However, three dimensional signage offers the real deal. The product is crisp and clean, while promoting an excellent first impression to your customer.

There are a variety of materials and options available for the production of dimensional signage, therefore allowing each business to create a unique and effective sign that will best fit their own distinctive needs. Dimensional signage can be created for use both indoors and outdoors, and there are fabrications to meet the needs of both varieties. Aluminum, acrylic, foam, Dibond (aluminum composite panels), MDO (medium density overlay panel), stainless steel, and wood are just some examples of the wide array of materials available to give your company signage the impression you are seeking.

Dimensional signage materials can be finished in a multitude of different options, creating endless combinations of finished possibilities. Stocks can be painted, printed direct, polished and/or brushed, and are available in a variety of colors. In addition, they can be carved or router cut to perfectly replicate your company logo and/or slogan(s). Channel lettering, fabricated from aluminum and then painted, is a popular dimensional option that can also be lit for nighttime visibility. Other options that will help your dimensional signage stand out from the crowd include front and back lighting, LED lighting, reflective materials, and metallic leafing.

Whichever combination of materials and finishing you choose, dimensional signage will draw in more traffic, add value to your business, and make you stand out from the competition.

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