Banners – Society’s Most Effective Advertising Tool

In today’s modern technology, most of our youth thinks of an internet banner ad when referenced the term “banner”. Old schoolers and print buyers, however, know this term has been used for a much longer period of time in reference to the printed banner. Regardless of which meaning you are most familiar with, banners are considered one of the best and most effective type of advertising tools in our society.

Typically recognized as a rectangular shape, mounted with hardware or rope, banners are commonly printed on vinyl. There are many types of vinyl available for banner printing – such as scrim (textured), smooth, and mesh, available in both matte and glossy finishes. Using a matte finish is often recommended for outdoor use, to minimize glare from the sun and outdoor lighting. Matte finishes are also particularly useful when printing a step and repeat backdrop for a red carpet event – a glossy finish would reflect the photographer’s camera flashes, causing poor quality of photos taken at the event. Glossy banners work best for indoor usage, such as shopping and retail centers as well as indoor sports arenas. Mesh vinyl is a popular choice for outdoor events, due to their durability in outdoor conditions. Additionally, the mesh does not block out light, which depending on the season, can reduce the effect of sun spots on grass. Surprisingly to some, Vinyl is not the only option available in banner printing. Banners are also commonly printed on paper, canvas, Tyvek®, and other flexible substrates.

Unique hardware and finishing is often utilized for banner printing to ensure a secure fit for wherever the banner will be installed. Grommets, rope, pole pockets, and sewing/cutting are all common in banner printing and finishing. In addition, the use of banner stands (both retractable and permanent) allow for a professional banner installation wherever you see fit.

Not sure what material and finishing options would work best for your banner project? Let us help you decide!


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