Dye Sublimation – Fabric Fused With Your Image

There are many various types of printing that Gen3Printing utilizes, each having their own visible and tangible properties. There is not one method of print that is automatically better than all others – each has its own niche.

One method that has gained popularity throughout recent years is digital dye sublimation. Dye sublimation (or dye sub, for short) is a process that transfers solid dyes into fabric by heating the dyes into a gas. This “sublimates” the gaseous inks deep within the fabric, creating a rich and evenly-toned product.

Unlike jet and screen printing where the inks lay on top of fabric and can cause cracking or fading, dye sublimation permanently bonds the fibers within the fabric during the transfer. This creates a much more permanent and durable image, while remaining highly vivid and vibrant in color and quality.

In addition to being flexible and easy to maintain, dye sub also allows for easy file setup and preparation. As dye sub printers utilize continuous tone output, they do not demand the use of supremely high resolution images to produce a quality print. With inkjet or screen printers, the image must be output at a much higher resolution than will be printed to “trick” the human eye into seeing a smooth and continuous image. Not being forced to utilize such high quality images can save a print buyer significant dollars in stock images, especially when dealing with large format items, such as banners and custom printed wall murals. Some other fun applications for dye sub printing include (but aren’t limited to): custom trade show graphics, pole banners, flags, red carpet backdrops, and custom printed wallpaper and carpet.

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