Optical Illusions in Wall Graphics

The world of printed products are often times limited to two dimensional spaces. However we at Gen3Printing appreciate the good use of three dimensional space, and like to see what can be achieved with a little creativity and ingenuity.

From the placement of printed or colored vinyl, to the angles you can view them at, there are a variety of ways that wall graphics can stand out from the crowd. One newer method of design is Anamorphic design, which is basically a distorted projection which requires the viewer to either use special equipment, or in the printing world, stand in a certain place, to see the finished design.

Here are some exciting examples of optical illusions created with the use of space, design and of course, printing.

illusion-001Female Silhouette at a Café (source)

illusion-004Athlete breaking through building wall (source)

illusion-003bAnamorphic Type By Graphic Designer Thomas Quinn (source) – Front View

illusion-003Anamorphic Type By Graphic Designer Thomas Quinn (source) – Side View

illusion-002Anamorphic Type (source)

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