Window Graphics – Stick Your Best Image Forward!

In today’s society, it would be hard to imagine a business or shopping district that did not utilize some form of window advertising and graphics. Window graphics are a highly effective method of print advertisement and can catch your customer’s eye within seconds of them seeing your storefront. Window graphics can be produced with customized artwork in sizes varying from small to very large, allowing you to utilize the most out of your advertising space and make your business more visible and alluring to your potential customers. Window graphics can be printed either digitally or screen, depending on the material in which they are printed on, and the final quantity of clings needed.

Window clings are produced from various types of vinyl, including static cling vinyl, low-rack removable vinyl, and perforated window vinyl. So, which vinyl is right for you? That all depends on your application.

Static cling vinyl is a popular choice for many businesses, especially those looking for a quick and easy advertising solution. Static clings can be produced either on a clear or white background, allowing for both see-thru and window blocking options. They can be printed vibrantly in full color, and are simple and easy to install. One of the most advantageous parts of static cling graphics are their flexibility – if you are unhappy with the position of your static cling, it is a cinch to remove and reapply, with absolutely zero residue or gunk. Static cling is recommended for indoor use, and can be printed either with one or two sides.

Low-tack removable vinyl can be a useful choice for those needing outdoor window clings and/or a more permanent cling solution. Low-tack clings, since they still use a form of adhesive, are a great choice for advertising on metals, woods, plastics, and most smooth surfaces. Low-tack clings adhere with an option to remove for up to 18 months leaving absolutely no residue. Low-tack clings are recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be printed either with one or two sides.

Perforated vinyl graphics get their name from the type of vinyl they are printed on. The sheet contains thousands of tiny holes for light to pass through, while still leaving substantial room for printed ink. This allows for a cling that can be seen thru from the inside with no obstruction, however from the outside the appearance is that of a solid, full color graphic. This type of cling is popular for store fronts as well as vehicle graphics, and can be printed on one side only.

Check out some window clings offered from Gen3Printing below, and let us know when you are ready to transform your mundane and empty windows into powerful and effective advertising locations!

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